Estimating A DIY Project

diy costsDo-It-Yourself or DIY projects are very rewarding, with numerous challenges and the ability to save some money by doing your own labor. The estimation costs are very crucial as you will want to know what your end project will cost before you begin the project. You do not want to get part way into the project and not be able to complete it because if shortage of funds. A few projects can be split into phases enabling you to start the project and work to a point where you can stop and enjoy before entering onto the next phase.

Best way to estimate DIY project cost

Use the following tips to help with your estimation of DIY project. The tools required are pencil, paper, computer, calculator and time to shop. Make 4 separate lists to itemize your DIY project.

· First list is about all the tools you will need to finish the project. These tools may include from the simplest of power tools to unique rental tools you will require. Some tools needed may be pliers, hammers, pry bar, sledge hammer, wrenches, circular saw, screwdrivers, air hose, air compressor, razor knife and so on.

· Second list is all about the building materials as well as supplies you need to finish your DIY project. These include lumber, nails, drywall, screws, plastic, tape, tarps, drywall mud, paint, flooring, tiles and fittings.

· Third list is the finish items you will require. These items include paint, fixtures, curtains, faucet, lighting fixtures, kitchen appliances, mirrors, and other things needed to complete your project.

· Fourth list will include things which do not fall under the other 3 lists like trash removal, dumpster rental, hauling, license fees, permit fees, inspection fees, subcontractor costs, delivery fees and equipment rental fees.

· After completing the list, it is time to put numbers to them. Check through the lists and use all resources available to find out the costs of all the things you need. Buy them from your local home improvement suppliers or stores. Browse through internet and pick up the phone to call the local businesses as well as city offices.

· After having your numbers added up, a great rule is to add 20 percent on top which should help to cover the overlooked items required to complete your project.

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